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Learn practical skills for free on any mobile, for a better life & career — Choose from high-quality, hands-on courses on livelihood & wellbeing. All our courses are available for free and without annoying ads.

Get bite-sized lessons in just the right daily dosage for optimal learning — Spend just a few minutes per day and you'll soon learn new skills that you can apply immediately to improve your life.

Our users <3 Funzi!

“Funzi is educative, inspiring and motivational.”
–user from Nigeria
“Exceptional quality of information. Easy to read and understand. Mentally stimulating.”
–user from South Africa
“Funzi has made me to learn things that I haven't even learned from school”
–user from Kenya

We have over 600 000 happy users in Africa, Middle East & Europe — studying in English, Arabic, Somali & Swahili.

P.S. Funzi is super light-weight by design, so it works great even with slower networks & older phones. Funzi is also available without data fees via Free Basics by Facebook in selected countries.

About us

Funzi is a pioneering company from Finland that wants to make education accessible to everyone – for free. The service,, revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed content for people who want to learn new skills and knowledge.

Funzi works on all connected devices, even on feature phones. Teaching with Funzi is a great way to build awareness and competences when the learning device is a mobile. In addition, Funzi enables measuring the learning outcomes and impact. The impact can be remarkable since delivering m-learning is very cost effective and the learning content can be published globally.

~8min avarage session length
for active users

Funzi's core competence is our knowledge in mobile learning pedagogy. We are able to "funzify" any content to be an interesting and addicting m-learning experience. Our service is designed based on pedagogy as well as the knowledge of gaming industry and also global research made on learning needs on mobile.

Funzi has delivered free learning to over 600 000 people globally, and the numbers are growing fast: Funzi is Facebook's partner in their initiative that aims to deliver free Internet access to people in emerging markets.

Please see our press folder for more information

>10% active user retention
after 1 month

Why mobile learning?

Mobile is the only cost-effective way to reach people everywhere around the world. In 2015 there was 4,7 bn unique mobile subscribers, 3,2 bn smartphones and a global penetration rate of 63%. In developed countries the penetration rate was as high as 84%.

Right now, with a partner who knows mobile learning, you can make a difference in the capacity, mindset and skill level of even millions of people. With Funzi you can teach cost effectively your target group, sponsor learning or provide almost global access to your content.

Partner with Funzi

  • Teach cost-effectively with mobile
  • Measure impact and learning
  • Get global access and visibility

If you want to partner with Funzi please see this PDF for more information and contact

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